ZJ Grand Cherokee front Seats for a 2 door

Ok here is my writup on modifying the Grand cherokee front seats to fit in a 2 door cherokee. The only thing to be done is to make the front seats flip forward more to allow access to the back seat. In a 4 door this isnt necessary. All cherokees after 95 can have these seats mounted using the Cherokee mounting bracket on the Grand cherokee seat and it will bolt right in. for pre 95 cherokees a piece of angle iron will have to be attached to the floor and the seat bolted to it. I would recommend welding it in even know I bolted mine just because having it bolted in puts more pressure on the floorboard.

Anyway as for the front seats to flip forward in a 2 door.

Start by removing the plastic cover over the hinge. It is just three screws and it pulls off. This will expose the hinge and latch mechanism.

You need to unbolt this mechanism. It is only two bolts, one right next to the handle and one right next to the back of the seat.

Flip the chair over and move the fabric up to reveal the hinge bolt for the other side.

Remove that with a T55 torx socket on a ratchet. You might be able to use a bug allen wrench on it if you dont have the socket.

The back of the seat should now separate from the base of the seat. At this point remove the head rest. Unclip the seat cover at the bottom of the back of the seat. gently start removing the cover. It takes time and patience so be careful. Once you have it off unbolt the hinge from the seat back. Again it is just two bolts holding it there.

This is the hinge partially removed for reference

After you have that removed take a piece of angle iron or a metal strap and cut a piece out of it that looks like this.

The holes only have to be an inch apart. Put the bottom bolt of the hinge back on the back rest part of the seat. Clock the hole on the top part of the hinge over an inch. Put your piece of angle iron in the back rest support rod where the hinge was and bolt it in. At this point take another bolt and bolt the other end of the angle iron into the hinge. It is difficult to explain but here is a picture.
Hope that helps some. Anyway at this point you are going to re-assemble the seat. Put the seat cover back on. Put the head rest back in. Place the seat back rest back on the seat bottom and bolt it back into place. No tricks except be patient especially with the seat cover. This is a good time to replace the plastic hinge cover and remove the seatbelt clip that came with the seat. If you want to use that clip you will also need the seat belt from the Grand Cherokee. Just saying.

The seat back will no longer be perfectly straight but that is the price to pay for owning a 2 door.


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