V6 Ford Cougar McPherson Strut Springs

I read about these a while ago on some forum somewhere and decided I would try it. Anyway, the V6 front springs from the Mcpherson struts of a Ford Cougar or Ford Thunderbird should lift the front about 4 inches. You will also need the strut cap if you plan on pulling these things apart at the junkyard just for your information.

When you get these things home disassemble the strut. Rent the Mcpherson strut spring compressors first. I will not be responsible if you die or are seriously injured from the spring pressure if your a moron and dont use these. The springs are under EXTREME pressure so if you release them without compressing them and end up killing yourself good riddance. Now onto some pics.

Dont ask me how to use them this is just how I did it. I also found it helpful to use a pry bar to expand the spring and slide the compressors into place.

Remove the bolt that holds the strut cap on. Use an impact wrench it makes life easier.

Now set these caps apart you need them and they need to modified still. Release the spring compressors while its still on the strut its just easier that way.

To get those nasty bolts out of the strut cap use a vise and a large socket and press themout. Its easy and way better than grinding them off. They should just pop out but I had one where the bolt broke off and went flying so be careful.

Hey now drill a two inch hole in the strut cap. I used a drill press and a hole saw and it was still a pain so figure out however you want to do this. By the way this hole is to go over the bumpstops on your jeep. Just so you know.

Now you are ready to install them. First jack up the Jeep on the frame and place a jack stand under it. Remove the front tires and compress the coil spring. Use the jack on the axle to compress the spring most of the way and install the spring compressors.

I got a bit ahead of myself and didnt take too many pics. Anyway remove the old shock and unbolt the sway bar. The spring should slide out with maybe some force with a prybar or something.

Now you need to remove the stock coil spring isolators. I recommend using a small flathead screw driver to get it broken loose from the body and using a prybar afterwards.

Now install the strut cap UPSIDE DOWN for 3-4 inches of lift. Optionally can be installed right side up for more lift. I dont know how much more and am not going to pull it apart to measure it for you. I would imagine though that it could yield more than a whole inch more in the right side up position.

It may be necessary to trim the cap a bit depending on the Jeep. Mine went in fine on the drivers side but needed a little bit of trimming on the passenger side.

Anyway I got way ahead of myself and didnt get pictures of the reinstallation of the new coil springs. Anyway its a big pain in the butt however its straight forward. First compress the new coil spring as far as you can or think it should go. The more the easier it will be to install. Make sure the strut cap is as close to the body as it can get. Now use a pry bar and try and slide the springs back over the bumpstops and coil perch. Re install the spring retainer on the bottom. BE CAREFUL. I almost crushed my fingers when the coil compressor slipped. I will not be responsible for personal injury. Last install a longer lift shock like the JK Wrangler shocks somewhere on this site. Dont forget to install a J hook to connect the spring to the strut cap and re connect the sway bar. Longer brakelines are recommended.

This lift netted about 3.5 to 4 inches. I cant say exactly because one side was higher by about 1/4 inch. It seems to ride well with a little more bounce than it previously had. I will update with more opinions on the springs as time goes on.

Here are some after pics.

Just the front done.

All around with the s10 bastard packs.

Makes those P235s look small don’t it?


5 Responses to V6 Ford Cougar McPherson Strut Springs

  1. Billy says:

    This is awsome information, just one question, what year thunderbird or does it make a difference?

  2. Ken says:

    I don’t know if you still check this page, but did you coils you purchase full fit in the bottom of the Coil “Perch”? I just finished my budget built using V6 coils from a thunderbird and the bottom of the coils don’t fully slide over the bottom bump stop on each side. I also had to bend/hammer out the coil clip that goes on the bottom to keep the coil in place. It was a real pain in the ass.

    • tuxfan212 says:

      I no longer have this jeep so I can’t check for sure. However, if I remember correctly it fit perfectly on the bottom. I do remember having to bend up the retainer clip in order to go around the new coils but otherwise they fit fine. Although the cougar springs have a slightly larger diameter so you should be having the opposite problem. I am going to email you and you can send me a picture of your problem maybe I can help.

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