Transfer Case Drop

Well I did a transfer case drop using hardware store supplies. I think it cost me 10 dollars in supplies but it was easy to do and has worked out well. Anyway you will need 4 metric bolts 2 inches long. If my memory serves me correctly they are 8mm width and 1.5 spacing. Dont quote me on that but take one of the bolts out of the tcase crossmember to a hardware store and match it up. Post here if you get the specs… Anyway also get a bunch of fender washers. stacked up they need to be atleast 3 inches tall. Also get metric nuts that match up to the bolts you bought.

From here place your jack under the tcase and undo the nut on the tcase stud. Once the nut is off run two nuts onto the stud and jam them together. Use a box end wrench to twist the top bolt to loosen the stud.Beware this step is a major PITA. You may strip the nuts in the process. Use heat and PB blaster to help.

Once you have the stud removed remove the bolt on the other side. That part is alot easier. Lower the jack about an inch.

Now stack the fender washers in to the desired height. Mine are about 3/4ths of an inch high. Install the longer bolts. This part should be fairly easy.

Repeat for the other side. Here is the finished product.

This will probably be appropriate to remove the vibrations from the driveline on lifts less than 4.5 inches. Still an Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) is a much better but more expensive option.


2 Responses to Transfer Case Drop

  1. Griffin says:

    First off, awesome write ups on here, I totally am ready to build my s10 leaf packs! Im planning on lifting my 98 xj 3 inches. Will I even need to do a tc drop for a 3in lift? Also, are your leafs holding up without the overloads? Thank you so much

    • tuxfan212 says:

      You will have to wait and see. Put the lift on but be prepared to do the TC drop if your driveshaft makes contact with the yokes. At 3 inches you may also look into just shimming the rear axle to see if you can fix it that way. Although in all honesty I never had a problem with the Tcase drop I did even up until I sold that jeep. I do understand the nay-sayers that say T-case drops are bad but in all honesty if you aren’t doing extreme offroading and your jeep is not made of gold don’t be afraid to drop the t-case. Its really not hard to do.

      The other thing to take into consideration is it may not hit under normal driving but if you take a jump (offroad, or rail road tracks) you really want that extra clearance between the yokes and the DS. Otherwise you may shred a U-Joint, drivesahft, or both. Just something to consider.

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