S10 Bastard Packs

I assume most of you know what a bastard pack is but just in case I will give a brief explanation. Basically, to achieve lift over your stock leaf springs you add leaves to the pack from another set of used leaf springs. In this case I am using an s10 pack to get about 3-4 inches of lift. My particular leaves are from a 01 s10 truck, although any year or type will work as long as the leaves are the same width as the cherokee leaf springs.

To build a bastard pack you have to disassemble the spring. I would recommend marking the leaves with spray paint or something so it is easier to figure out how to put them back together. On the s10 pack that I have dont grind off the leaf spring clamps just use a pry bar to open them.

Next lay the leaves on the ground and use a C clamp right next to the center leaf pin. On bolt it using a impact wrench if you have one. If not a big ratchet will work. After the bolt is out release the C clamp.

Cut both eyes off the main spring. Now it is ready to throw on the Jeep.

Depending on how much lift you want you can use just the main or any combination of the leaf springs. If you are using the newer springs like mine you may not have to buy U bolts if you dont use the overload spring. However, I believe the older s10 packs had more leaves and you would probably have to buy new  U bolts.

Ok jack up the Jeep on its frame and place a jackstand under it. You will need the jack elsewhere so you have to have the jackstand. Remove the tire and unbolt the swaybar. I just completely removed it but its up to you what you want to do. Unbolt the u bolts and remove them.

Next cut the leaf spring clamps off. Its quicker this way and they really arent reusable because the new pack will be too large.Also remove the shock. Be careful although I didnt break mine the upper shock bolts are prone to break. If yours didnt break but look bad consider replacing them.

ok now the axle should droop a bit. Put a C clamp on the leaf springs near the center. Use a prybar to move the axle away from the leaf and put a vise grip on the bottom of the leaf spring retaining pin. I used a impact wrench to remove the pin but you do what you like.

Release the clamp and slide the lower leaves out of the pack. This part is fairly easy.

The center hole on the main leaf will have to be hogged out to fit the retaining pin from the new pack.

Now onto the fun part. It is a big pain so dont be afraid to use a lot of force including a sledge hammer and pry bar. You have to slide the new pack into place. The centering pin should be installed through the s10 leaves and slid through the main cherokee leaf.

After that put the jack under the axle and align it using a big hammer so that the centering pin slides into the retaining hole on the axle. In this picture it isnt aligned yet but it sort of shows the process.

Reinstall the U bolts and a new longer shock.

Close the spring clamps back up. Throw the tire back on and you should be done.

This achieved a lift of 5 inches in the rear or 3.5 from the original stock height. The reason why I say 5 is the old pack was sagging about an inch and a half and after the lift it brought it 5 inches higher than it was. However if you have brand new leaf springs on the jeep with no sag it would probably only lift it about 3.5 inches. I will comment in a few weeks about the ride quality.

Here is a finished pic.



6 Responses to S10 Bastard Packs

  1. Clinton says:

    Nice write up. Very informative. How many of the S-10 leaves did you end up using, then?

    • tuxfan212 says:

      I used the Main, 1st, and 2nd so three. I left the overload off. However this is only the case for the newer s10 springs as the older ones have several more leaves.

  2. Clinton says:

    OK. Thanks! I have a White ’94 2 door which I want to lift about 3 inches, so all of your write-ups and pictures are of great help. Not a lot of pictures out there of 2 doors! Thanks again!

  3. tuxfan212 says:

    Yeah this one is a 94 too. You may be able to omit the main s10 spring and use your cherokee leaves in conjunction with the S10 helper springs (1st and 2nd) to get less lift. Also if you make your own adapter you can get the cougar springs down to 3.5 inches of lift. If you come up with something new I can add it to my writeup section with and give you credit for it.

  4. amunoz says:

    I know you can use blazer or s10 leaf spring. Ive been wanting to do this to my 2 door xj 99 but I dont really know in what year’s s10 or blazer to find the leafs.

    • tuxfan212 says:

      Well, I believe mine are off an 01. In fact though the older SUV S-10 leafs (83-94) I have read are better for the swap and provide a softer ride. There are several different types between the years and between the trucks and the SUVs but I think all will work but might give slightly different heights/stiffness of ride. Just FYI mine are quite stiff but not terrible.

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