JK Jeep Wrangler Shocks

JK shocks can be used in you lifted cherokee to replace either your old lift shocks or your OEM length shocks. They are fairly easy to swap in and are super cheap. I recommend you have a vise for this though as you have to press out the inner metal sleeves on all for shocks although alternatively a C-clamp would work.

First remove all four inner metal sleeves on your shocks. This is easily accomplished by pushing a small socket through one side and using a large socket on the other to receive the sleeve.

This is the sleeve after it has been removed.

Remove the bar pins from the old front shocks. This is fairly easy and basically involves alot of pulling and pushing to get them out.

Then simply press the bar pins into the top bottom of the new shocks. This is a lot easier than removing the bar pins from the old shocks FYI. Now all you have to do is install them. I personally didnt break any shock bolts but if you happen to here is a great writeup to fix it. http://www.rocklizardfabrications.com/broken_shock_mounts.htm

These are the cheaper non rubicon dual tube shocks. They work exceptionally well in my opinion compared at least to my crappy old worn out stock ones. They provide about 4 inches of extra travel and dont stiffen up the ride too much at all. Plus I got them for free.


2 Responses to JK Jeep Wrangler Shocks

  1. tom says:

    was wondering if you used jk front or rear shocks? i am currently building my jeep in a similar fashin alreay got my s10 packs, and looking for some front springs, thanks for all the info

    • tuxfan212 says:

      I used both front and rear JK shocks. They are a tad short for 4.5 inches but much better than stock. Also I used ford cougar springs for the front.

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