False Floor

This is really just showing how I built my false floor and I wouldnt consider it a writeup. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas of how you can build a false floor. At this point I have removed it just because I didnt like the top loading thing. I may build a new one eventually though.

Anyway, here is the back half of the frame. Notice how I built it around the spare tire. Many of the false floors I have seen just remove the spare.


















Here is the front half of my two part false floor.

This is the whole frame.

The “floor” of the false floor.

Back half mostly finished.

Overall finished.

Check out these cupholders! The white lining is the top half of those red plastic disposable cups.

Thats about it. Really this is just documentation of what I did and feel free to copy it. I stopped using it a while back because I didnt like the way the lid was. I know I can change it but I like what I have now.



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