Adding Speakers to Rear Hatch

I havent gotten to making a writeup for this yet. Anyway the lower end cherokees like SEs and Sports may not have come with speaker in the back hatch. For me I didnt even have wiring to the back hatch which was awful. I found though that it really isnt difficult to run these wires as long as you can thread them through the hatch. Otherwise the modification is very simple.

It’s been almost a year since I wrote this and I probably will never make a true writeup for this. Anyway, assuming y’all know how to wire speaker wires… After you run them to the back of the cherokee (I recommend running them away from power wires for amps and subs, not that I took my own recomendation but thats the proper audiophile way of doing it), route them up towards the wiring for the rear brake light at the top of the hatch. Remove the grommet by cutting it in half with wire cutters. Save that to put back on (creatively) later. See if you have a plumbing snake or similar tool and use that to pull the wire through. Route the snake from the bottom of the hatch (Near the Speaker), to the top of the hatch (Near the hinge), tie the wire to the snake and pull it through the hatch. Attach the speaker and replace the grommet bending it back on and glueing it in or using rivets to reattach it. Thats how I did it anyway.


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