Plans and Projects

Well progress in the last few months has been SLOW. However, I have a few things happening to the Jeep right now:

First of all I have mildly Rusty floor boards. I am a terrible welder (I also own a super crappy welder) so I just cut out the really bad stuff, riveted in new pieces, Ground out some of the other rust, Treated it with a naval jelly, and am going to fiberglass over all of that. Of course because its a jeep and because I can the floors are going to be herculined. This should all be coming within the next week. Pictures will be kind of scarce but I might make some writeups (In between 15 credit hours and working part time).

I am thinking about herculing parts of the exterior as well. Hopefully, If I get time and money I will build a roof rack and some bumpers and herc those also.

That CB really does need to go in. I put it in once, couldn’t get it to work (Probably me being stupid), Left it like that, took something in the dash apar, and never put it back.

Other than that nothing major will be happening.


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