Whats Up Everyone?

Alright, as you guys have probably realised I don’t own this Jeep anymore. I was working at the time and needed a pickup. So of course I bought a Comanche for $500. It didn’t run, was an automatic, and needed paint. Well all of that got fixed with a nice rustoleum polished gloss paint job, stickshift swap, and got her running. It is now my DD and has to remain so due mostly to being completely broke and having even less time. Engineering school has a way of making people really busy and broke… Anyway, if I ever get around to it I may upload some pictures of the new whip. It’s unlikely but never say never.
Hey everyone, I decided to start a blog about my beloved Jeep Cherokee. I bought her March of 2010 for 750$. Anyway when I first bought her there was a rather large hole in the roof, a big dent in the front fender, it leaked every fluid in the car, the tires were bald, it was overheating, and the interior was shot. Well since then I have fixed most of that stuff. Stay Tuned for Updates.

Did some little stuff to the Jeep. I trimmed the flares even with the front bumper and took it off road again. This time it got a little more dirty but I didnt get stuck.

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